Welcome to St. Matthew Lutheran Preschool


St. Matthew Lutheran Preschool has adopted "One In Christ," published by Concordia Publishing House, providing hands-on learning for even the youngest of God’s children. From songs to Bible stories to playtime, children will learn about Jesus and grow in their understanding of God and His Word. Teachers plan activities based on child-focused interests while providing skills necessary for kindergarten readiness. The variety of methods presented benefits many different styles of learners.

  • Enrollment is limited to 10 children

  • Five days per week program

  • Preschool is from 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

  • Chapel time is part of the curriculum

St. Matthew Lutheran Preschool program identifies the following goals in each area of child development:



  • to become more aware of God’s presence in our world

  • to learn of God's love for us

  • to learn to love God and others

  • to develop a positive self-image

  • to develop independence and self-confidence

  • to follow rules and routines,

  • to make friends, and know what it means to be part of a group



  • to develop thinking skills such as the ability to solve problems

  • to learn how to ask questions that facilitate learning

  • to think through tasks logically


Math and Science:

  • to introduce mathematical concepts such as sorting, classifying, comparing, counting, making patterns, and measurement

  • to develop and use scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills


Communication, Language, and Literacy:

  • to use words to communicate with others, increasing each child’s vocabulary

  • to develop skills in listening to and appropriate ways to participate in conversations with others

  • to understand the purpose of print, recognize letters and words, and begin writing for a purpose


Physical and Health and Safety:

  • to develop large muscle skills - balancing, running, jumping, throwing, and catching

  • to develop small muscle skills to do tasks like buttoning, stringing beads, cutting, drawing, and writing

  • to learn to care for the body, including healthy eating habits, the importance of exercise, and daily habits like keeping one’s hands clean, brushing teeth, etc.


Creative Arts:

  • to experience and enjoy art, music, and rhythm and understand how they can use these gifts to declare the wonders of God

  • to interact with classmates, developing social awareness as they participate in dramatic play


  • During the preschool years, a child’s work is play. Play is an integral part of your child’s development.

  • Teachers will engage children in various forms of play that will work on fine motor skills and gross motor skills and a myriad of other skills

If you have additional questions, please call us at St. Matthew Lutheran Preschool (360) 551-4704